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SOLO TopCare - Healthy & Sustainable

About US

SOLO TopCare is a realization of quality and safety with sustainability as a core tenet. The evolution of our community’s desire to lead a healthy and sustainable life requires us to do away with many of our traditional practices in search for a better future. At TopCare we are continuously developing products that change our lives for the better. We believe it is our responsibility to assist everyone who uses our products, to help care for their family and themselves in the smallest ways possible to help them overcome the increasing challenges we face to lead the healthy life we all desire. After years of research, we developed TopCare Food Wrapping as well as Baking and Cooking Paper to put an end to the rampant use of fatal aluminium foils. These products are sourced from Europe and are 100% Food Healthy. Where aluminium foil not only makes the food toxic, it also harms the environment, both during production as well as disposal process, Solo TopCare promises safe disposal, recyclability as well as compostability to mother nature. This way, TopCare resonates with Solo's innate objective of bringing sustainable, environmental-friendly food packaging solutions, in un-compromised quality that is also safe for the community. TopCare's products are natural and organic thus offering the care that every consumer deserves.

We take pride in sourcing the raw material for the TopCare products from the heart of Europe by methods prescribed by the Forest Stewardship Council, the foremost authority in the domain. The raw materials are subsequently processed under the most hygienic conditions and with careful monitoring systems in place across production, packaging and transportation stages.

About Solo

SOLO, one of India’s foremost and celebrated premium stationery, and office supplies brands has been the market leader in the stationery segment in India for the past two and a half decades. Launched in 1996 by Mr. Amit Gupta under the parent company Filex Systems Private Limited, SOLO’s core operational principle has always been focused on "how to improve the quality of life in the office sphere through products of everyday use." As a brand, which strives to evolve with time, SOLO eventually realized that it could further break down its principle to "improving the quality of life through products of 'everyday' use" and not just limit to office. The brand has now created TopCare; a product line with baking / cooking paper and food wrapping paper.