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Importance of Healthy Eating and Cooking Post Pandemic
  • March 19th, 2021

Importance of Healthy Eating and Cooking Post Pandemic

Covid-19 has made us more aware about the role hygiene plays in our daily lives. Importance of health and diet is our utmost realization in quarantine or lockdown. This pandemic has also highlighted the loopholes in health and sanitation systems worldwide. While as individuals there is little we can do to help that, we can always work upon our health, diet and lifestyle and encourage the people around us to do the same. With a little effort we can all better our health and lifestyle and together survive the ongoing pandemic. 

Nutrition is an important part of our health and immune system. A good diet helps us dodge not just covid-19 but also many other diseases that occur due to reckless and unhealthy eating. Here are some important ways you can put a check to unhealthy cooking and eating practices, so read on. 

More and more greens for a strengthened immune system

We are all aware of the value green leafy vegetables add to our diet. Loaded with tonnes of vitamins and minerals, leafy greens are also known to have fiber that help the aged individuals with bowel disorders. Fiber helps in bowel movements which allow the toxins and waste out of our system. Greens vegetables in adults as well as children help fulfill various deficiencies thereby building an immune system strong enough to fight foreign antibodies.

Fruits are absolute life-savers

While most of us believe that vegetables do wonders in achieving that balanced diet our body demands in order to stay healthy, we often forget that some fruits have such vitamins and minerals that veggies alone are not known to contain. Fruits contain Iron, magnesium and various other vital minerals that are known to boost immunity and fight deficiencies. 

Consume fresh food, discard the frozen ones

Most over the counter food comes with a shelf-life. While shelf-stable foods are also edible for the time they do not expire, canned food has preservatives that are known to cause more harm than good. Fresh food is a building block of a stronger immune system. Therefore, prefer farm fresh peas over frozen ones.  If you are an elderly and cannot manage to run to the grocery store frequently, stock up your pantry just as much as you can consume. 

Avoid junk food, especially ordered online

While it is completely okay to have cheat days, try and avoid junk food by restricting it to not more than once or twice a month. Junk food has saturated fatty acids that increases your cholesterol levels and thereby your risk of developing cardiovascular problems. Also, readily available food sounds tempting and comfortable, try to avoid ordering food online, especially if you can make your favorite dish at home.  

Cook meals in oils rich in unsaturated fatty acids

Olive oil , sesame, peanut or other oils that are rich in unsaturated fatty acids is recommended over butter and ghee that causes high levels of cholesterol. Elderly aged 50 and above need to pay special attention to the oils in which they prepare their food. 

Coping by booze is a big NO-NO!

With lockdown we are left with very little scope of recreation. In such a situation, drinking becomes the only sport or leisure activity. Coping with the quarantine by reaching out for alcohol is a big NO because they have absolutely no nutritional value and only lead to health problems. 

Let water and juice be your only drinks

Needless to say, staying hydrated helps you release harmful toxins by passing urine. Fruit juices and lots of water is recommended to people across all ages as these equally benefit us all. Apart from keeping us hydrated they provide us with vital minerals and vitamins in case of fruit juices. Reach out for a glass of water or juice every hour to help your immune system in outing the toxins. 

Apart from the above-mentioned pointers, you can include nuts and wholegrains in your diet and prefer eating boiled food to avoid oil and fat-rich dishes. Using cooking and baking paper for preparing burgers and sandwiches can also help you eliminate unnecessary saturated fats from your favorite dishes. Bear these humble pointers to keep yourself and your family healthy in the tough times.