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Tips and Tricks to Keep Your Food Healthy and Tasty for Long
  • March 19th, 2021

Tips to Keep Your Food Fresh and Healthy for Long


Seeing your favorite meal stale down and spoilt pains a lot to a hardcore foodie. While it's easier to use food additives and other preservatives that keep your food edible for long, food lovers who value health besides taste wouldn't practice these simply because they don't settle for food that is only edible. In a fast moving life like ours, we need to be focused on our health besides taste if we want to enjoy our favorite meals without health-related restrictions like diabetes and blood pressure. 


While food does not have a longer shelf life there are certain ways you can ensure that your favorite food item stays healthy and tasty for as long as you want. Here are some tips and tricks on some ingredients that actually help you prepare meals meant for the health-conscious foodie in you.

Spicy Ingredients as natural food preservatives

Peppers, mustard and hot sauce are some of the most commonly used as well as effective natural preservatives. Spicy food prohibits the bacteria from attacking food and keeps your meals fresh and healthy for longer. A hint of spiciness that cayenne adds to your dessert can help preserve your smoothies for long. 

Citric acid in lemon, as a preservative

Prevent your food from staling down or spoiling by adding flesh and leela of lemons. Lemons contain citric acid that serve as a natural food preservative and are a best fix for dishes that can spoil sooner. Just squeeze them in your dishes both hot or cold and have your food fresh and healthy for a long, long time. 

Sugar to soak up all the microorganisms in your food

Like salt, sugar is known to be working on the science of osmosis. All the microorganisms like bacteria that are present in water are known to be soaked up by sugar and thereby serve as a natural preservative for food that remains healthy and tasty for longer periods. 

Keep the harmful bacteria at bay, with Garlic

Ayurveda uses garlic for its anti-viral properties to prepare medicines that fight some common ailments. Minced, chopped or just its wholesome cloves in your soups, dishes or garnishing will help keep your food fresh, healthy, edible and tasty for longer. 

Acetic Acid in vinegar for food to last longer

When sugar and water solutions ferment, acetic acid is formed. Acetic acid is known to be a natural preservative that isn't only popular for its preserving abilities but also to enhance taste manifoldly. A hint of vinegar in your food can help kill microbes while also inhibiting food spoilage, making your favorite food last longer.

Maintain food's freshness with Himalayan Sea Salt

Salt, as we know it, is one of the most renowned natural preservatives. But if it is pink salt also called Himalayan Sea Salt, your food has a better chance at prolonged freshness. Dips, spreads, dressing or dishes, use Himalayan Sea Salt in just about any cuisine for the lasting health and freshness.

Who doesn't like a flavorful food that comes with health? And who would've thought it is so easy to achieve with the help of these humble ingredients found in just about any kitchen. Try out these tips and tricks the next time you prepare food and enjoy tasty meals every time you are hungry.