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We are the preferred partners of hundreds of restaurants, hotel chains, cloud kitchens alike for their custom food wrapping paper requirements. Normally called greaseproof paper or just butter paper, our multipurpose paper is more than just that.

Why switch to Personalised Food Wrapping Paper?

Having the best food isn’t enough today. You need to provide an experience worth remembering. One facet of that experience is packaging. Growing awareness of harmful effects on traditional packaging solutions like plastics and aluminium is in customers' minds. Showing care for that while having an opportunity to further leave an impression with a hassle free experience and your branding on it is just the cherry on top. Switching to the food wrapping paper also shows your care for the environment and you doing your bit and moving towards sustainable materials. It’s time for you to take the next step towards a better, sustainable and friendlier customer experience!

Personalised Food Wrapping Paper

Design Your Own Custom Printed Greaseproof Paper using our new design tool!

SOLO TopCare - Custom Design Tool

To make things easier, we have developed a tool that within moments of you uploading your logo, comes up with design templates for you to choose from. It really is that simple.

Upload Your Logo
Step 1
Upload your logo
Upload your image, our website supports .png, .jpg formats
Select Your Desired Design
Step 2
Select your desired design
Choose from our pre-designed template or send us your ready artwork and we will take care of the rest!
Select Your Paper Choices
Step 3
Select Paper choices
Select paper size, print color(s) and the sheet/roll quantity.

Why switch to SOLO TopCare’s Food Wrapping Paper?


  • 100% Natural & Organic
  • 100% Food Healthy
  • Made in the most hygienic way in Europe
  • Non Stick
  • Oil & Greaseproof with High Wet Strength
  • Maintains the look of the food and keeps it fresh
  • Oven, Microwave and Freezer Safe
  • Vegetable based inks used for printing
  • 100% Biodegradable, Compostable and Recyclable
  • 2-3 week delivery time
  • Standard and custom sheet sizes available
  • US FDA, European EFSA & Indian FSSAI Certified


  • Packaging & Serving of burgers, wraps, sandwiches, rolls
  • Packaging & Serving for fries, nuggets and other fried and fast food items
  • Packing & Serving baked goods like bread, bagels, desserts like pastries, cake, cookies etcetera
  • Packaging/Tray/Basket liners for pizza boxes or confectionary items Pouches/Bags for grab and go setups