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Food Wrapping Paper
  • Sheets
  • Rolls
  • Blue & Green
  • Blue & Orange
  • Orange & Green
Rs. 199.00 (Inclusive of Taxes)
Length 20 Mtrs | Width 28 cm
SOLO TopCare - Healthy & Sustainable
TopCare wrapis eco-friendly
The Goodness of

TopCare Food Wrapping Paper

  • Oil & Greaseproof
    Oil & Greaseproof

    The paper is oil & grease resistant, holding out oil & fat for long durations.

  • Microwave And Oven- Friendly
    Microwave and Oven- friendly

    Wrapt it. Heat it. Have it. Anywhere. Anytime.

  • Non-Stick

    Paper that won't stick on your food TopCare wraps are easy on the utensils and food as they don't tend to stick to either of them.

  • Refrigerable

    For that lasting taste of your food. TopCare wraps preserve your food in the refrigerator for later consumption, without altering its quality.

  • High Wet Strength
    High Wet Strength

    The natural structure of the paper ensures that liquids including water does not pass through for prolonged periods.

  • Biodegradable, Compostable And Recyclable
    Biodegradable, Compostable and Recyclable

    Guilt-free disposal is finally here. TopCare wraps are made from 100% wood pulp which means they are environment friendly and totally disposable.

  • Food Safety Certified
    Food safety

    TopCare wraps come with 100% food safety as it is made consistent with International food safety standards (Certified by Indian, American and European food safety authorities)

Wrapping With Aluminium Foil And Cling Film Is Harmful
How wrapping with aluminium foil
and Cling Film is harmful?

Food wrapping is NO art, but we still aren't getting it right. That's because we use conventional forms of packaging, that includes aluminum foil and cling film. There is a pressing need to grow concerned about the packaging as much as we are about the food in it. That said, aluminum foil and Cling film is the worst you can do to your food and your family's overall health.

Aluminum Foil Is Carcinogenic
Aluminum Foil is carcinogenic

Studies have proved that Aluminum foil is carcinogenic, meaning they tend to have cancer-causing agents when they come in contact with elements like salt and other food ingredients. Some amount of aluminum is already available in our eating habits. However, it is a negligent amount and since it passes on in urine or feces, the amount remains acceptable to the human body. Although, with prolonged usage, chances are that aluminum can be ingested in higher levels which our body may fail to process. Exposure to aluminum beyond normal levels has proven to cause memory loss and various other harmful effects on our vital organs.

Harmful for Humans Harsh on Nature

That's because besides being carcinogenic, aluminum foil or cling film are both proven major pollutants. From production to disposal, these products are non- environmental friendly. Unlike TopCare products, aluminum foil and cling film once disposed, gives nature a hard time in degrading them. Their disposal process could last years.